Live Course on Organizational Transformation

Mastering Change

11th February - 29th April
Weekly sessions for 12 Weeks
Limited seats available.
Course #2

Dr. Ichak Adizes

Build your organization's future, TODAY
Simultaneous translation
50 years of trial and error
Technology proven in 52 countries
26 books translated into 36 languages
A two-part course to prepare you for 2021
What makes them grow sustainably?
Are you aspiring to lead your organization?
Are you looking to transform your organization?
Are you looking for new management concepts to apply in Universities and Schools?
Are you looking for new tools to be more effective in your profession?
Online-transformation structure:
Course #1
Leadership Roles and Styles
Course #2
Mastering Change
Course #3
Corporate Lifecycles
Course #4
Introduction to Organizational Therapy
Course # 2 consists of 12 lectures
2 Hours Per Week by Zoom
questions and answers online
networking (optional) between lectures
Mastering Change: How to implement decisions efficiently and effectively
Starting 11th February, 2021
Learn how to manage well by focusing on implementation
Delve deep into the Adizes CAPI concept and how to coalesce them to simplify implementation
Understand the role of authority, influence and power and how they evolve over time
Predict how well a decision will be implemented
Understand how to deal with the different types of problems according to your CAPI over that problem
Get insights into the best ways of delegating and decentralizing
Make implementing decisions easier and more efficient across your organization
Understand the concept of responsibility and how to make people feel responsible for their work
Mastering Change: The formula for Success of any Organization
Starting 25th March, 2021
Understand the main factors that predict the success of an organization
Develop your organization's future products & services in the most efficient way by understanding how to integrate your current capabilities with the market needs
Understand how to balance the inward work of improving your company and the outward work of integrating with the market and your clients
Learn how to decrease internal conflicts so you can better integrate with external demands
Learn how to create an environment of mutual trust & respect as an output of the organization's system
Assure you have the internal components of your company performing in harmony so you can better implement your strategy!
How we will study:

Dr. Adizes will give lectures every Thursday from 7 a.m. - 9 a.m. Pacific time, as well as answer top-best questions from participants.

Lectures will be recorded and available during the training and 1 month after its completion. Those who start later can watch the lectures that they missed.
Your benefits from must attend online program of 2021
Lectures are conducted personally by Dr. Adizes.
You study with the whole world!
The online broadcast will be in English with translation into Chinese, Spanish and Russian.
You will get knowledge, collected and tested by Dr. Adizes for 50 years:
  • how to transform a company

  • how to become a leader in your organization

  • how to find new concepts in management for use in universities and schools

  • what kind of tools will help to be more effective in the profession
You will receive an electronic certificate from the Adizes Institute upon course end.
Why Attend?
Develop an understanding of how to respond effectively to change
Build the muscle to correctly implement your strategies
Get unique insights into how Dr. Adizes transformed companies globally
Take the opportunity to be in Dr. Adizes' live online course
Why focusing mainly on profits is dangerous for the health of an organization and what the goal should be
Herman Gref - politician and businessman, Ex-Minister of Economics and Trade of Russia, CEO and chairman of the executive board of Sberbank.
Your Investment
  • You'll learn directly from the Master of Organizational Transformation and Organizational Therapy
  • Connect with the network of participants to learn from each other
  • Ask questions from other like-minded Business people and Adizes Certified Associates
  • The course is in English, and will be synchronously translated to Russian, Spanish and Chinese
Weekly sessions for 12 Weeks
  • Every Thursday Morning at 7am Pacific Time
  • Two hour weekly sessions with Dr. Ichak Adizes Online
  • Top questions answered directly by the Management Guru himself
  • Access recordings after the session
2 Hours Per Week
    • Join the whole course for only 1250€ and receive How to Manage in Times of Crisis as an eBook Bonus!
    • Free E-book copies of bestselling titles Mastering Change in English, Spanish or Russian
        About the presenter - Dr. Ichak Kalderon Adizes:
        International bestselling author, published 26 books in 36 languages

        Consulting for than 45 years in over 52 countries

        Worked with startups to Fortune 500, governments and not-for-profit organizations

        Named one of the top thirty thought leaders in America in the leadership excellence magazine

        Named one of the top communicators among world leaders in the world by the Holmes report, alongside Pope Francis, Angela Merkel and the Dalai Lama

        Received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the International Academy of Management

        Received twenty-one honorary doctorates from universities in eleven countries

        An Honorary chancellor of the University of Fredericton, Canada and a recipient of the 2010 Ellis Island Medal of Honor
        Online transformation
        Course #2 Mastering Change
        Dr. Ichak Kalderon Adizes
        11th February - 29th April
        Duration - 12 Weeks
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        Mastering Change. Live Course on Organizational Transformation
        Course #3
        Corporate Lifecycles
        Course #4
        Introduction to Organizational Therapy
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